Entry Level

3 easy steps to certifying an EL coach (cash incentive)

MENTOR-EVALUATOR HONORARIUM: BC Alpine is offering $50 per Entry Level-Trained coach mentored towards Entry Level-Certified.

Steps & Criteria:

1. Be a Mentor-Evaluator*

Find out if you are an M-E here, under Certification tab: https://www.canskicoach.org/en/services/pay-membership-fees

How do I become a Mentor-Evaluator?http://www.canskicoach.org/en/certification-programs/mentors-evaluators-facilitators/71-mentor-evaluator-training

2. Verify that EL coach has done the Making Ethical Decision online evaluation.


You will need the coach’s NCCP #, under Public Transcript


3- Complete the Learning Guide & Journal with signature

Scan and email Part A & B to: justinep@bcalpine.com before April 30th, 2013.

Include in email: M-E Full name – Mailing address – Phone #

M-E keeps originals for a duration of one(1) year

All checks will be sent by May 31st, 2013

*M-E must have paid CSCF membership dues

**Honorarium will be awarded to M-E ONLY if both part of certification (journals Part A & B and Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation) are completed.