BC Coaches blog – Pain science and an interview with a Legend

Hey everyone,

A couple of interesting reads I looked at the last week I’d like to share.  The first one discusses issues surrounding ‘pain science’ by Dr Derek Griffin – in particular how pain could be exacerbated by lifestyle factors (stress created by anxiety, depression , poor sleep, nutrition etc) which can cause greater ‘sensitization’ to pain.  There are three excellent videos to watch also.  The final video is a documentary on Haile Gebrselassie and shows how he won some of his major championship titles and Olympic medals while in excruciating pain – there is evidence here to support the concept that the brain is a very important tool in overcoming, as well as succumbing to pain.  The author is not suggesting that athletes should be pushing through musculoskeletal pain, nor is he implying that techniques such as manual therapy and corrective exercise are not important.  The therapist plays a hugely important role in the athlete’s health.  There may, however, be some other factors at play here which we should all be aware of.


I also enjoyed an interview with veteran strength and conditioning coach Vern Gambetta on www.sportscoachradio.com In this interview, Vern shares a number of the key mistakes he made over the course of his (long) career as a coach.  These include:

  • Too much, too soon
  • Overloading the spine – Too often and too young
  • Too many exercises or drills in a training session.


All for now,

Andrew Lambert • Director of Sports ScienceBC Alpine Ski Association